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Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 08:09 pm
music: Mika Nakashima "Love Addict"
posted by: sohma in mixed_anime_rp

So yeah, as you can see it got pretty much dead here.

Um, I guess the only thing I can do is tell you that if you want to RP, there are a couple that are not dead...or new...or something. timetorpyugioh, teh_rage_beat, and.....actually...sadly I think these are the ones that are either new or not dead. 98% of the other ones are dead. u_u;;;;;;;

Sorry. We did try though. This RP has been up for a year and I think a few months ago it was the best it could be. RIP RP. U_U

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~OOC: Taking the Insinuative; IC: Hospital

Oct. 6th, 2005 | 08:31 pm
posted by: technoboy_ss in mixed_anime_rp

Shuichi Shindo, was a live, injured, but alive nonetheless. He had a clear plastic tube hung around his ears and nozzles that fed oxygen through his nostrils- he was in an upper body cast that left him quite immobile for sometime. The nurse fluffed up Shuichi’s pillows to help support him to sit upright. She instinctively gave him the remote for him to be able to watch TV. Then wandered off elsewhere to tend to her duties. He smiled happily despite his condition, but still he had a hard time breathing without feeling any pain. It had been quite a week or two for him, being bed ridden. But, he liked the attention he was getting. Especially all the get well and thank you cards that came pouring in from the people that were at the concert hall.

Flicking through the channels, he happened upon a talk show where Eiri Yuki had been speaking about his latest novel. Yes, his novels piled high, but still that was a memory, which he could do without. My Yuki, My Yuki, My Yuki! The boy gripped onto the remote, flicking through the channels and found that the batteries to the remote had died, thus the channel where Yuki was on TV remained. An eyebrow twitched in slight annoyance, he wanted to watch cartoons, slightly in denial. But, soon a smile crept across his face, he reached over and took up and pen and a pad of paper that was at his bedside. Upon his request, Hiro brought in a laptop for him to occupy himself with, the pens and endless sheets of paper…

… Shuichi may not have been a famous writer, like Eiri Yuki. But, he was a songwriter in that respect and was somewhat inspired when he saw Yuki’s face and heard his voice on TV. He began jotting down his thoughts. Biting down on his bottom lip with the top row of his teeth, every once in a while he would bring the pen to his lips and bit down on the end of it. But, that was a rare force of habit. He had to pause as suddenly his own music video flashed before his eyes, the one where he remembered getting frostbite under a waterfall. He had to laugh out loud, but that hurt to do so. Shuichi coughed, and then settled, visibly wincing. “It could be worse…” He said to himself, rustling through his papers idly. Blue vibrant eyes averted to stare out the window, where the sun shone down upon him, giving him a radiant youthful glow.

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Just a note

Sep. 15th, 2005 | 04:10 pm
posted by: sohma in mixed_anime_rp

I don't understand how this happens, since it has happened in one of my RPs before, but it looks like I'll have to say something.

If you are not a member of the RP, then you should not be RPing with any of the characters in the RP. If you want to then you should try out.

And if you are a member of the RP you should know that instead of continuing to respond.


And if you want to talk to one of the members and you are not a member do it in their personal journal or anything else besides their RP journal.

Again I say O________o??!?!

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~Concert Hall; Bad Luck – SOLD OUT

Sep. 12th, 2005 | 10:43 am
posted by: technoboy_ss in mixed_anime_rp

On the front left stage, behind curtains, a young man was sneaking a peak of the crowd, a hand curled around the fabric to draw it back and prevent the curtain from obstructing his vision. Shuichi was trembling nervously, for a small concert hall there sure was a lot of people. His blue vibrant eyes brimmed with tears, either he was tired, or he was genuinely crying, he hadn’t a clue. The mix of adrenaline and excitement from the bustling hub of the crowd made it difficult to distinguish how the young performer was feeling, other than nervous.

Shuichi bit down on his bottom lip with the top row of his teeth. He drew back from the curtain and jerked himself around, turning his back on the curtain and walked to center stage; almost time. He took up a microphone in hand and hung his head in that respect, taking in rhythmic breaths in time with the rapid beating of his heart, then slowing his inhales to a soft lull, whispering the lyrics as he recalled them. This eased the tension off his shoulders and the tight knot in his throat and chest. Shuichi exchanged glances with his band members as well as Ryuichi.

Not a moment later, a member of the back stage crew signaled out to the band members that it was now time. Shuichi bowed his head again, as it was part of his routine, with his back to the curtains. Lights dimmed in the concert hall and all fell silent, the band was introduced by the by the stringing of Hiro’s guitar, it was a screeching sound that bellowed from the highest to the lowest of all notes. The curtains arose and the music began, the music introduction a few moments before the different array of colors were introduced to the blend.

The crowd went wild…

The keyboardist took his queue and jumped in time with the guitarist and from the far corner of the stage smoke arose to add to the brewing sensation of music and song; Shuichi tapped his foot to the beat of the music and counted in time with the tempo, he immediately turned around to face the crowd just in time to catch the spotlight, he grabbed for the microphone and began singing with all his heart, with all that he was, this was it! Within a few moments he had captivated the crowd with his voice!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It was not too long into the music and song that the concert hall was booming with a lulling roar; it grew louder to the point where the music was drowned out. Shuichi and the band members immediately stopped playing, the floor was shaking, something was happening. Parts of the concert hall ceiling began to fall; a large beam supporting the lights overhead fell in the center of the stage, separating band members from one another, it fell with a loud crash and the frame around the lights shattered, sending glass flying in every direction.

Earth Quake

Shuichi had to jump back and took cover under his arms that rose protectively over his head. He was near the edge of the stage, when another shock wave of tremors sent everyone in the concert hall running from the stage, more lighting fell sending metal frames and glass flying in all directions, dry wall and fine dust were collected on the floor level, which made it difficult to breath. The stage itself shook violently and the young pink haired performer felt the flooring give away under him. With a yelp he fell within a ruins under the stage as it collapsed…

It was too soon to know if anyone was all right, the tremors continued as a large crack in the side of the wall crawled up and across the center of the ceiling, acting much like a divider and suddenly part of the concert hall caved in. Those closest to the stage would be lucky enough to escape the debris as the dry wall and cement fell, blocking all possible exits, but few people were unfortunate enough to get caught in the rain of glass from the fallen lighting and metal from the frames that suspended overhead. And as soon as it happened, the tremors stopped, but left fine dust and smoke in the air.

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Plots galoorree.....maybe >.>

Sep. 6th, 2005 | 03:51 pm
posted by: sohma in mixed_anime_rp

Heeyyy! I just had an idea inspired by a RP I used to be in. How about we do a plot post? I mean, the RP I used to be in did plot chats over IM, but since I know some members here are on different time zones, I think doing a post is better than trying to keep them up at night to chat with us who are on the other side of the ocean. ^^

The idea I just had, which isn't anything really spectacular or anything but it might help, was about that concert that our Shuichi mentioned. I had thought about having my characters, Ryou and Malik go. Ryou wanting to go and dragging inviting Malik along, considering Malik probably has never went to a concert before in his whole life. And that would mean Yami no Bakura would go, being that Ryou's going...and maybe he'll steal stuff if he wants because he's evil like that. lol. XD

So if something can happen from there, I don't know, a bump into the band outside or something like that, can get the characters to accidentally interact.

Oh yeah and Ryuichi's already going, so I've got him covered. XD

So, what do you guys think? What are your thoughts? Anything else you think would help? And feel free to tell me that my idea is incredibly stupid if you want. ^_~

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(no subject)

Sep. 4th, 2005 | 07:17 pm
posted by: nekkyo_k in mixed_anime_rp

Oh wow, this community is finally alive.

Yes, for those who just joined....this is Mr. K

I'll be looking forward to chatting with you *cough*shuichi*cough*

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Aug. 29th, 2005 | 12:46 pm
posted by: technoboy_ss in mixed_anime_rp

Hello! New here, stalking sonicstien around... thought I'd introduce myself. My name is such-and-such,
AND these are the character's I will be playing as!


... XD

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(no subject)

Aug. 29th, 2005 | 10:12 am
posted by: sohma in mixed_anime_rp

Just making a post letting you all know that I am sonicstein. I just changed my name. So don't get confused!!

x-posted to all my communities.

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(no subject)

Aug. 28th, 2005 | 03:23 pm
posted by: deathscythe_02 in mixed_anime_rp

Yo people, my name is Duo. Yes, the ONE and ONLY! Gotta love the orignial. *Sly grin*

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(no subject)

Aug. 27th, 2005 | 09:21 pm
posted by: sohma in mixed_anime_rp

So I just accepted a few auditions, which would give us almost 15 characters now in the RP. With this amount, I hope we can start the RP and help it become active!

Since I know that not everyone has friended the RP community to recieve this message, I'm going to send out emails to everyone letting you all know that the RP has plans to start up again.

For those of you who've been here since the beginning, please let me know that you're still interested in staying in the RP if I haven't spoken to you personally about it.

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